Top Diet Reviews – Glycemic Impact and Weight Watchers

Since the research was released in the 1980s, the Glycemic Index has become an important link in the development of diets such as the eDiets Glycemic Impact Diet plan.  The hallmark of this diet is that certain carbohydrates have a more favorable impact on blood sugar levels than others by releasing glucose more slowly into the bloodstream during the digestion process.

For instance, low glycemic index foods would include most fruits and vegetables, beans and unprocessed whole grains.  Because of their high fiber content and favorable molecular structure, these foods can be incorporated liberally into one’s diet without worrying about blood sugar fluctuations.  But not all carbohydrates are created (or processed) equally.  This means that products made with white flours or sugars, and certain fruits, vegetables and starches, can cause blood sugar levels to rise very quickly.  This causes the body to respond by flooding the bloodstream with insulin to lower the sugar levels.  Insulin is also known as a fat storage hormone.  Once the glucose is stored as body fat, we tend to feel hungry because blood sugar levels have been lowered dramatically, even when you have consumed excess calories.

The Glycemic Impact Diet seeks to minimize the consumption of processed, white carbohydrates in the diet, while balancing favorable carbohydrates with lean proteins and healthy fats.  This balanced macronutrient approach is optimized with the glycemic index to stabilize blood sugars, promoting appetite control along with optimum nutrition.   This diet is an excellent long-term lifestyle choice.

This diet may not work for you if you do not wish to avoid certain foods, and if eating several small meals per day is not feasible.  Also, there are few fast food choices available on this diet; so, if cooking your own meals is difficult, you may want to consider a meal delivery option.

Another popular diet plan is the Weight Watchers Diet.  This well respected and trusted plan has been helping people for decades.  The premise of this plan is simple – to develop healthy habits and encourage good choices to nourish your body and enhance your lifestyle.  You can either attend weekly meetings with other like-minded individuals, sharing inspiration and tips together, and learning more about healthy living.

Or you can select their poplar Weight Watchers Online program which you can customize for you and your particular needs.  This terrific resource gains you access to lists of over 40,000 food choices, and over 3,000 healthy and tasty recipes.  You can also utilize their eTools in certain programs, enabling you to use various online applications to track your progress.  Check out Weight Watchers Coupons and some great tips on how not to fail on your weight loss journey.

This diet may not be your best fit if you are always on the run.  You may need to adapt to mobile tracking, or do your research in advance, in order to make the right food selections while you are on the go.  Also, for those individuals who do not wish to always be counting points, this program is not the best choice.

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