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Atkins Diet - How to Not Fail

  Succeeding on your new diet does not have to be as difficult as you might imagine.  By far, the most important thing that you can do to ensure your success it to keep trying, even when make mistakes. 

As with any other major change in eating habits, switching to the Atkins Diet comes with its own particular challenges and pitfalls.  However, knowing what you are up against and what difficulties you are likely to face can be incredibly helpful and greatly increase your chances for success.  The most important consideration is quite likely the substitution of protein for a great deal of the carbohydrates that most people are used to eating during the day.  A tendency to skip meals, put off exercise, and "cheat" occasionally are other sure methods to derailing your diet plan. 

Set a goal.  Make sure your goals are reasonable, obtainable, and short term for starters.  For instance, rather than focusing on a number, set a goal to exercise at least 30 minutes per day each weekday. 

Reward yourself.  Not with sweets, or dessert, or by blowing off your entire diet plan for the weekend, but by celebrating in a completely healthy way.  For instance, treat yourself to a nice, quiet bubble bath, spend time with friends, or perhaps take a window shopping trip to the mall.  Just getting out and about will be sure to lift your spirits.

It's not a failure - it's just a setback.  If you slip up or slack off on your diet plan, don't just promise yourself that you'll try again next week.  Start getting back on track right now.  Why lose half a day, or even most of a week, just because you weren't able to walk past the donut in the break room at work?  Renew your commitment to yourself and to your goals, and start planning how to finish the rest of your day.

Don't beat yourself up.  You're human, which means not perfect, and there will be times when you fall a bit short of your goals.  That's okay, just remember that you can try harder and that your success is really important to you.  Look to yourself for encouragement, as well as to others. 

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses before you start a new diet plan will definitely help you to stay on track - or even to get back on track if you falter. 

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