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Atkins Diet - Variety of Food Options

The Atkins Diet was scientifically designed by a physician with a new revelation in weight loss medicine.  By creating a diet with four different phases, and changing the balance of proteins and carbs in each phase, lasting weight loss is achieved. 

Most people have heard of the Atkins Diet by now, and when they hear the name, they automatically think of high proteins and no carbohydrates.  While the Atkins Diet does indeed incorporate a high level of protein, it does not restrict carbohydrates all together.  Carbs are indeed limited, especially during the first phase of the plan, but at no time are carbs completely out of the menu. Also, more carbs are added during each of the three following phases, in order to progressively increase the calories consumed from carbohydrates as the phases progress. 

The proteins are where variety really shines for this plan.  Lean red meat like sirloin steak, pork spare ribs, and lamb chops are just some of the entrees available.  Followers of this plan can also enjoy a wide variety of poultry, like turkey, chicken, game hen, and even roast duck.  Seafood is another great option - fresh-caught fish and shellfish both provide healthy benefits and loads of flavor to those on the Atkins Diet plan. 

A variety of low carb greens and vegetables are also great for you to incorporate into your meals.  Remember, the Atkins Diet isn't about protein alone.  Instead, it is about finding just the right combination of proteins, carbs, and fats, which differs for each stage of the program.  Grains, legumes, breads, and other fiber-rich foods are even part of the plan, although of course in relatively moderate quantities.  The Atkins Diet is about balance, not restriction, so the menu options are almost unlimited. 

In addition to the widely varied array of recipes you can prepare on the Atkins Diet, there are also a number of shakes, bars, and prepackaged meals to help you stay on your diet while you are on the go.  Whether you prefer fruit flavors, chocolate or vanilla, or wholesome grains, there are plenty of snacks and meal choices that will keep you feeling satisfied and full.  Eggs are a great choice for a source of morning protein, and foods cooked with heart healthy olive oil will provide the omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the best results. 

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