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Atkins Diet Review Summary & Coupons

What makes the Atkins diet different? The Atkins diet focuses on eating the way your body was designed to eat. Its nutritional approach involves changing the way your body burns or stores fat by changing the balance of carbohydrates typically consumed. Recommended exercise with the Atkins diet is no more difficult than just some fun physical activity – no spending hours upon hours in the gym.

The Atkins diet works by teaching you which foods best satisfy your body’s needs. Its ease comes from an individualized eating plan that is divided into four phases. The food available on this diet plan is healthy and delicious, including lean meat, leafy green vegetables, and Atkins bars and shakes. eDiets has meal plans specifically designed under the Atkins method which takes the guess work out of planning your meals.

Program At a Glance

The core component to the Atkins diet involves limiting the amount of carbohydrates consumed. This teaches your body to start burning stored fat instead of burning sugar/carbs in food giving you an instant jump in the right direction. Adding some fun activity will boost your metabolism and add lean muscle mass, contributing to a body that is designed to burn calories more efficiently.
Keeping the weight off is another integral part of the Atkins diet. You will learn the best ways to enjoy recommended foods anywhere and how to keep your body burning fat. Your new, healthier lifestyle will help you look better and feel better, while also reducing your risk of problems associated with being overweight. The increase in energy that Atkins dieters enjoy is one of the best elements to this plan. Unlike fad diets, the Atkins diet teaches you how to eat right for life.

Pluses & Minuses



  • No starvation
  • You can enjoy snacks
  • Detailed scientific information available
  • Quick weight loss during the first stage
  • Lower carbohydrate intake
  • Minimal pasta, fruit, and juices
  • Not a good fit if you are a vegetarian

Customer Feedback

"The results are worth it, I love this diet - I don’t have to worry about portion size, and I can eat whenever I am hungry which the low calorie diets don’t allow."
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"It not only helps you lose weight at a fairly consistent pace, but you will notice your appetite slacking off after about week two. You won't be snacking as much, and will suddenly just realize that you haven't been having your evening munchies in front of the tube-and you don't miss it either. "
    *Portion of actual Atkins user on

"I am on Atkins again after a successful weight loss. This diet really works well for me. It makes my skin clear up, my dandruff disappear and my weight drops."
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Online Research Suggests

Objective online research infers that the Atkins diet plan offers a substantive success in weight loss by drastically lowering the amount of carbohydrates consumed, which helps to control the body’s production of insulin. While encouraging the metabolism to increase, this plan also incorporates light, fun activity to assist with the burning of stored fat. Because the eating plans center around high intake of proteins and raw leafy vegetables, the plan further promotes natural weight loss and a reduction of health problems.

Special Offers

The Atkins Diet is one of about 20 plans that eDiets can tailor to meet your exact needs. You can start with the FREE Diet profile or check out their meal delivery program and receive 1 week of free meals with your first order. Or you can save 25% by clicking here:Use Promo Code SAVE25 at checkout to Save 25% at eDiets!

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Atkins Diet - Variety of Food Options The Atkins Diet was scientifically designed by a physician with a new revelation in weight loss medicine. By creating a diet with four different phases, and changing the balance of proteins and carbs in each phase, lasting weight loss is achieved.

Many of us are on a quest to find the best diet plan. The truth is that the one-size-fits-all mentality will not work when it comes to weight loss. Make sure you compare your individual preferences and challenges to the available plans to find your perfect plan.

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