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Best Diets for Men - Lose Weight, Gain Muscle and Achieve Your Fitness Goals

There is no one diet that works best for every person, in part because the needs and goals of men are often different than the needs and goals of women. While women often want to slim down, many men are looking to shed fat and gain muscle. A big part of the difference comes from the way you exercise, but there are also diets specifically geared towards the weight loss goals of men. Let's review the best diets for men.

The Atkins Diet - Most everyone has heard of the Atkins Diet but not everyone understands what it really is. Put simply, it's a diet that teaches your body how to burn fat and build muscle. By avoiding carbohydrates and sugars, and eating at regular intervals during the day, your body gets into a state of ketosis, which means that your body is burning fat instead of muscle. Atkins is one of the best diets for men to gain muscle.

The Mediterranean Diet - Of course, not all men who want to lose weight are looking to bulk up. Some are simply looking to slim down and get in shape so they can lengthen their lifespan. For those men, the Mediterranean Diet may be the right choice. Based on the eating habits of a group of people in the Mediterranean who have notably longer lifespans than average, this diet teaches you not how to diet now but how to eat for the rest of your life. It is based on delicious fish, healthy oils like olive oil, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fresh is the name of the game with this diet, and it has one major advantage that men love you get a glass of wine every evening. What better way to reward yourself for a day of healthy eating?

The Glycemic Impact Diet - We now know a lot about how carbohydrates affect blood sugar, and how blood sugar affects fat storage. The Glycemic Impact Diet uses the latest information to carefully control when and how carbohydrates are eaten. While it is based on similar principles as the Atkins Diet is based on, there are key differences. The Glycemic Impact Diet works hard to control the spikes in blood sugar levels, which has two main results: cravings and hunger are reduced and fat is continually burned. This is one of the best diets for men to lose weight who want a simple yet specific plan to follow.

Weight Watchers - Weight Watchers may have a reputation as a diet for women but it's actually a very well-rounded option for anyone. In fact, they have different plans one for men and one for women so you can get exactly what you need. This is the most flexible of these plans, as it allows you to eat basically anything you want. With Weight Watchers it's all about portion control. If you want to have a huge dinner, you simply eat a few meals earlier in the day that are lower in calories. If you want to learn life-long lessons about balanced eating then this may be the diet for you.

The best diets for men are all about burning fat and gaining muscle, though some concentrate on different ways to do so. In addition to considering what your goals are and which one will work best for your specific goal, it's also wise to consider your lifestyle. A stricter diet may work well for a man who has the time to plan each meal in advance, while a more flexible plan will work best for the gentleman who's always on the go.

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