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Diabetic Diet - Food Options

Living with diabetes can put a strain on any healthy lifestyle, including knowing what foods to eat, learning portion size control, and monitoring blood sugar levels.  Following a diet plan specially structured to combat fluctuations in blood glucose doesn't have to be difficult.

The Diabetic Diet was developed by physicians with the needs and considerations of diabetics in mind.  For this reason, attention has been given to the types of foods that are most easily converted into sugar and the balance and quantities of foods that should be consumed in order to maintain the correct levels, avoiding both spikes and crashes.  The Diabetic Diet allows for a wide range of fresh, tasty, and easily prepared foods.  The bulk of all foods in the diet, 40%, come from complex carbohydrates along with approximately 35% of the diet consisting of proteins.  Healthy vegetable-based fats as opposed to animal fats allow for both ease in processing nutrients and weight loss. 

A wide variety of complex carbs including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains make up the core of the Diabetic Diet.  Choosing whole grain cereals and pastas to use with each meal, in conjunction with raw, leafy green veggies, fruits, nuts, and berries will provide the fiber and energy you need for a busy lifestyle, without elevating your blood sugar levels or weighing you down. 
Incorporating good proteins like lean red meat, poultry in the form of chicken or turkey, seafood, and legumes fills out the rest of your diet plan and gives a huge amount of variety.

Processed foods and those made with white flour are excluded from the diet plan, but by using whole grain pastas, brown and wild rice, and a good mix of fruits and vegetables, these exclusions are rarely missed.  Using the Diabetic Diet meal plan works for all family members, not just those who are diabetic, and is such a healthy lifestyle that many Americans who do not have diabetes have adopted these habits as well. 

Consistent carbohydrates at each meal and the restriction of sugary foods combine to provide an eating plan that will offer great nutrition, balanced blood sugar levels, and the ability to drop pounds simply by choosing healthier foods and stimulating the metabolism.  Becoming familiar with actual portion sizes, and using those measurements in meal planning, offers another strategy for consistent weight loss.  It is true that the average American portion far exceeds the needs of any adult, and simply by putting less on your plate of the right foods, you will experience a much slimmer physique. 

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