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Diabetic Diet - How Not to Fail

Coping with diabetes is a serious consideration for many Americans and their immediate families.  Because is one situation where success is so much more important than just maintaining a healthy weight or even achieving weight loss, incorporating these techniques can really help. 

  • Water, water, water.  And that means water, not just any liquid.  In fact, many drinks have the opposite effect that water does, and do not flush the system or hydrate the tissues of the body at all.  Consuming a caffeinated drink actually causes dehydration which leads to further health problems with none of the advantages of plain water.  It is important to consume at least 8 - 10 glasses of water each and every day.
  • Write it down.  When you are monitoring blood glucose levels while using a diet plan to stimulate weight loss, it is very important to keep track of which foods are having an adverse effect on your system.  Using a food journal and writing down the types of portion sizes of everything you consume will provide the answers you need when your blood sugar level goes haywire.  Otherwise, you may just forget that you had a handful of M&Ms at your co-worker's desk yesterday.
  • Get active.  Not only does some light, consistent exercise help you to drop pounds, it also trains your metabolism to use the food you consume in a more beneficial manner.  Becoming lethargic encourages your body to store fat as opposed to burning it for fuel, and studies have shown that those who get 30 minutes of light exercise per day really do weight less than those who get none.
  • Re-define 'food.'  Food is fuel for the body, it's an energy source for the organic machine that is you.  It is not comfort, or a reward, or a substitute for a healthy and loving relationship.  If you are finding yourself in a trap of using food for those unintended purposes, you need to make changes in your thinking and behavior.  Finding a counselor or using a weight loss support group can be just the assistance you need in order to overcome this self defeating practice and help you to change how you think of food.  
  • Use the 'Buddy System.'  Perhaps your significant other, family member, or co-worker is also thinking about a change in lifestyle.  Embarking on a new weight loss plan can be made much easier when you have someone in your life who understands and is going through the same thing.  Even an email pen pal can have substantial benefits, and there is no reason why you should have to feel that you need to 'go it alone.'

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