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Diabetic Diet Review Summary & Diabetic Diet Coupons

For those who are living with Diabetes, diet is a crucial aspect of everyday life. This doesn’t mean that they are forced to live with heavy restrictions. The Diabetic Diet is easy adapted and focuses on meals and healthy snacking alternatives at regular intervals in order to control the blood sugar and insulin levels. This diet is also appropriate for family members or anyone else who is looking to adapt a low-sugar, low-carbohydrate eating plan.

The idea behind the Diabetic Diet is to manage the blood sugar levels. By limiting the carbohydrates, the body is less likely to begin craving sugar and also to experience a crash in blood sugar levels from the resultant spike. Also, creating and adhering to an eating routine will help considerably. Consuming approximately the same amount of calories at the same times each day will help to combat both changes in blood sugar levels and also the likelihood of overeating. Portion control is a much less daunting prospect while on the Diabetic Diet. Additionally, programs such as eDiets offer support and detailed meal plans to help take the guess-work out of planning menus.

How to Plan and Implement New Lifestyle Changes for Managing Diabetes

Some who have been diagnosed with diabetes may have some difficulty dealing with the lifestyle changes they now have to face. Unfortunately, too many diabetics feel it is not possible to manage their condition, which results in an ongoing struggle to maintain weight and overall health.

The first thing to do following a diagnosis of diabetes is to remember that it is a very common condition. And developing a proactive strategy of managing it means understanding the disease. Ultimately, having diabetes means needing to find a way to help your body to both digest and metabolize glucose.

Your Lifestyle Team - Health Professionals

  • The first and best move to make as a diabetic is to speak with your doctor or other health care professional. They will be able to advise you about whether or not you need insulin or pills to manage your diabetes.

  • Should your condition be manageable by diet, you will likely need the advice of a dietician. They can inform you about those foods which can both increase the health of your body as well as manage your blood glucose levels.

  • Another consideration may be natural alternatives. There are many homeopathic resources available which can educate you about what you can do to manage your condition without pharmaceuticals. In many cases, combination therapy - using both pharmaceutical and natural resources - is possible for managing diabetes.

Diabetic Diet Program at a Glance

For those who have been diagnosed with diabetes or have family members with diabetes, this diet plan can be a literal life-saver. By scheduling a regimen of structured meals and snacks, and consuming the same amount of food at the same time each day, the tendency to overeat or indulge in sweets can be resisted and overcome. Being able to snack frequently alleviates the chance that hunger will drive one to poor food choices, and the addition of complex carbohydrates helps to induce a feeling of fullness.

With the Diabetes Diet, most foods will consist of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. About 35% of the calories will come from fat, while 30% will come from protein. Consistency in the size of portions and in meal times is the key to this diet plan and the secret to its success.

Keeping Track

Along with the advice gotten from nutritionists and other professionals, it's important to also keep some kind of record of your blood sugar levels as you implement dietary changes. This is sometimes called keeping a journal, and it only takes a few seconds to jot down your blood sugar level once you've tested it.

Doing this can not only help those professionals who are assisting you with diabetes management, but can also help you to identify and address issues before they happen. In getting to know how your blood sugar levels react to certain influences, you can become adept at predicting and avoiding negative reactions.

Perspective Matters

One of the main barriers for the successful change of lifestyle following a diabetes diagnosis is the patient's perspective. Many times, we look on change as a negative thing. This can definitely be true for new diabetics. When this is the perspective, a diabetic may apply the changes outlined by their health care professional, but without caring about those changes. This can result in failure to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pluses & Minuses



  • Can be followed by family members
  • Can help to avoid genetic diabetes
  • Consistent and frequent meals and snacks
  • Fresh, healthy foods
  • Does not allow for high-sugar or processed foods
  • Need to count carbs instead of calories

Online Research Suggests

Studies online have shown that for those who are genetically predisposed to diabetes, developing a healthy eating plan now may stave off the disease. The Diabetes Diet is easy enough for those who do not have the disease to follow and is a healthy alternative on its own. Adapting to this diet now can reduce the chances of developing diabetes in the future.

Special Offers

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If you think that the diabetic diet may not be among the best diet plans for you, check out the other top rated weight loss plans reviewed on our website. The best plan for you is the one that you will follow, so it's a choice that shouldn't be made lightly.

For example, the Medifast Diet review highlights a plan that has been developed by doctors for their patients. It has several formulations, including plans for men, women, and diabetics.

The best diets for women include the Mediterranean Diet which is high in fresh fruits, veggies and healthy fats. Don't forget that glass of red wine that is allowed daily on the diet!

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