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eDiets - Preparing Mentally

Many experts agree that the most important thing one can do in order to achieve success with dieting is to prepare mentally for the challenge. By knowing what you are getting into, where your struggles are likely to come from, you can be armed with the facts you need to succeed. 

One of the best suggestions for preparing yourself for a lifestyle change is to fully document the entire process. Grab an ordinary notebook and start writing things down. What types of things?  Everything!

  • Begin with your motivations and reasons for the diet. Are you trying to lose weight, become more fit, or improve your health? Write down your goals, and then write down all of the things you will be able to do as you meet those goals. Playing with kids and grandchildren, taking a ballroom dancing class, or perhaps taking up sport.

  • Make a list of what you will need. A new, accurate scale and a seamstress's tape measure can help you to keep track of your progress. Decide on a meal delivery system and place your first order.
  • Keep track of your accomplishments. Each week, weigh and measure yourself in the morning before breakfast. Taking measurements more often doesn't work since your weight will likely fluctuate a bit during the week.
  • Write down everything you eat. Studies have shown that this is the number one tip for successful weight loss.  Take responsibility for your habits and slip ups, and be sure to celebrate your successes and progress.
  • Go through your refrigerator and cupboards and toss out anything unhealthy that is likely to tempt you.  There is no reason to keep that half-can of butter-cream icing!
  • Make yourself some motivational post-it notes and place them in various spots of your home. The bathroom mirror is a great spot for such notes, and taking the time to look yourself in the eye and make some real promises to yourself will do wonders to help keep you on track during the day.
  • Use your journal to document your struggles, as well. You may be able to identify triggers that encourage you to overeat or make unhealthy choices.  Knowing what these triggers are is half the battle. Using your journal will also bring you more in touch with your feelings about yourself and your journey to better health.  

Keep your journal with you, because you never know when you might need to grab it and jot something down.  Using this one strategy will help you prepare yourself mentally for the new 'you' that is coming. 

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