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eDiets Review Summary & Coupons

So why is eDiets Rated #1 for the best taste and nutrition? And why is rated the #1 Meal Delivery program? For starters, all of their meals are freshly prepared and not dehydrated, frozen or powdered like some other programs. Second - eDiet Meals are Chef prepared not mass produced. Third - ranked them top in terms of taste and nutrition. Finally, who would you like answering your personal questions, sales people, or registered dieticians and trainers.

The choice is quite simple if you are ready. With 20 plans to choose from, they will tailor a plan that fits your needs. We highly recommend preparing mentally before entering into any diet, so if your mindset is focused on achieving results you can jump right into their site and take advantage of their Free week offer or the 25% off any purchase promotion they have going on now.

Program At a Glance

eDiets has two ways you can approach your diet needs. You can start by taking their free confidential diet profile so that they can identify a plan that fits your specific needs and goals. Not all weight loss plans are created equal. Everyone has different needs as it relates to their weight, body, lifestyle, age, nutritional needs, activity levels, just to name a few. So this is a good way to get started.

If you are simply looking for the top meal delivery plan then you can simply follow their 3 easy steps for ordering. You will decide if you want either the 5 day or 7 day perfectly portioned fresh meals delivered to your door on a weekly basis. Choose what your target weight loss will be while undergoing your diet. Then simply select your favorite meals from a huge variety of chef prepared nutritious meals.

Pluses & Minuses



  • Personalized meal plans
  • Access to video support library
  • Ability to communicate with dietary professionals
  • Animated virtual trainer
  • Calories reduced
  • Lower carbohydrate intake
  • Must control cravings

Customer Feedback

"I lost 85 pounds in 11 months on eDiets. I had battled my weight all of my adult life. But eDiets is not just another diet program - the focus is on how to change your behaviors."
    *Portion of actual eDeitst user review on

"Ediets is available to you 24 hours per day 7 days per week. You have round the clock access to professional advice and peer support, recipes, success stories, motivation, education, and much more. You will be partnered with millions of others so that you will not feel alone but yet you can do this from the privacy of your own home. Most plans come with a free trial! I highly recommend for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss."
    *Portion of actual eDiets user comment on

"eDiets is a good choice […] to get you on the road to losing weight…"
    *Portion of actual eDiets user review on

Online Research Suggests

Impartial online research shows that has found the correct and healthiest balance between eating right and exercise. With plans designed specifically to help people lose weight no matter what their body type is, eDiets gives people the support and encouragement needed to get to their ideal weight by assisting them in their exercise routine and making adjustments in their eating habits.

Special Offers is currently running two major promotions. By clicking the above image, you will be taken to the eDiets official landing page allowing you to take advantage of 1 Free week of meals. Or you can save 25% by clicking here:Use Promo Code SAVE25 at checkout to Save 25% at eDiets!

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Comparing the best diet plans available in the marketplace is easy at The Diet Mindset. We have outlined the pros and cons of each plan for easy reference.

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