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Glycemic Impact Diet Review Summary and Coupons

Based upon the Glycemic Index developed in the 1980s by a team of researchers from the University of Toronto, the Glycemic Impact Diet is built on the idea that certain carbohydrates impact blood sugars more favorably than other carbohydrates, by releasing glucose into the blood stream in a more controlled fashion.  By managing sugar levels through strategic food choices, and avoiding extreme glucose spikes and lows, the body has a better chance of maintaining optimal insulin levels, which means less fat storage and more optimal use of glucose for maintaining high energy levels. 

For example, most fruits, vegetables, beans and unprocessed whole grains have a glycemic index rating of under 50, while white bread has a rating of 100.  This means that white bread causes blood sugar levels to spike very quickly, causing the body to respond with a flood of the fat storing hormone insulin to deal with the high sugar levels.  Once the excess glucose is stored as fat, the body feels hungry because blood sugar levels have fallen, even when you have actually consumed more calories than you need.  Cells do not receive the fuel they need to function; rather, the fuel is stored as fat for future usage. 

Program At a Glance

In addition to minimizing the number of refined carbohydrates consumed, The Glycemic Impact Diet seeks to balance good carbohydrates with proteins and fats.  This balanced approach works with the glycemic index to stabilize blood sugars, enabling you to avoid the hunger and mood swings that come from blood sugar fluctuations.  If you struggle with sugar cravings and headaches, this diet is a good fit.  The balanced macronutrients enhance energy levels by emphasizing lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, making this diet an excellent long-term lifestyle choice.

Pluses & Minuses



  • Enhances energy
  • Decreases irritability, headaches and mood swings
  • Promotes stable blood sugars
  • Delicious, chef-prepared meals available for ordering online
  • Certain foods must be avoided
  • Must plan on several small meals per day
  • Few fast food choices

Customer Feedback

"This is what your body WANTS.  It's what it's designed to do."
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"I feel better than I have in months."
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"The meal plans for the GI diet were awesome - I didn't have to think about how to cook to make the diet work."

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Online Research Suggests

Abundant research has been conducted on the glycemic index, and evidence overwhelmingly suggests that individuals who follow this eating plan have significantly lower levels of obesity, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and lower incidence of metabolic syndrome.  This is due in part to the lower levels of oxidative stress on the body because this eating plan emphasizes whole foods, thus higher levels of nutrients are being consumed as well.

Special Offers

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