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Preparing Mentally for the Medifast Diet

Like any change in habits, making a commitment to alter one's lifestyle for the better takes some preparation and drive.  Understanding where the challenges are likely to come from is the first step to ensuring motivation and success throughout your endeavor. 

We all have our weaknesses; whether it is a sweet tooth or a craving for crunch, just about everyone has some type of food or snack that can easily derail his or her efforts to change eating habits.  The key to overcoming these challenges is to understand your own personal triggers and to be prepared for them.  It is not enough to know that you will eventually desire a dessert; you need to design a plan for dealing with that urge when it hits you and then be ready to implement it when necessary. 

Of course, the main philosophy behind the Medifast Diet is inducing a state of ketosis.  In order to achieve results, you must be able to limit your carbohydrates drastically during the beginning phase of the diet. 

Following your daily menu plan will help you to avoid most pitfalls, but there will be times when you are tempted to reach for an unhealthy treat.  Know ahead of time which types of Medifast pre-packaged meals will best soothe your cravings, and make sure to have plenty of them on hand.  For instance, if you love salty snacks, the pretzels and cheese puff meals may be just what you need on a given afternoon. 

It can also be helpful to make a list of your favorite foods, and then narrow that list down to the selection of proteins and veggies available to you for your 'Lean and Green' meal.  Doing this will help to emphasize all of the options open to you for the evening meal, which will help you in your planning and motivation.  Getting support from family, friends, and co-workers can also mean the difference between a relatively easy and an incredibly difficult experience.  If bringing a lunch to work is the norm for most employees at your place of business, you will fit right in with your oatmeal, scrambled eggs, or soup.  In short, planning ahead and taking the time to prepare mentally for your new lifestyle is what leads to a successful change.  You can help your mind get ready to help your body, and a new 'you' is right around the corner waiting. 

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