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Meal planning has never been easier than it is with the popular Medifast Diet plan.  A huge variety of pre-packaged foods is available for breakfast, lunch, and the two smaller meals which requires almost no cooking and very little planning ahead. 

The Medifast Diet is based on a principle of dramatically reducing the daily carbohydrates intake during the first phase.  This induces an accelerated fat-burning state called 'ketosis,' which is then utilized to keep the metabolism working at a faster pace.  Because the Medifast brand bars, shakes, puddings, and other foods are specially designed to help your body reach this state, they are quite possibly the best meal replacement options available for this plan. 

Since skipping breakfast or lunch is a sure way to sabotage your plan for healthy eating, those who work outside the home should plan ahead and keep plenty of Medifast meals at work. For the latest coupons you can take care of the offers on the left.

Start your day with a choice of one of the oatmeal flavors or a serving of high-protein scrambled eggs.  Either selection is vegetarian endorsed and lactose free, so even those with special dietary needs can be sure that they are getting optimal nutrition without compromise.  Mid morning snacks provide a short break away from your work, and the extra energy from a chai latte will give you the boost and motivation you need to keep going.  Enjoy lunch with one of the many different types of soup, whether beef vegetable, hearty chili, or cream of broccoli.  For a mid day meal on the go, grab a Medifast Maintenance or Crunch bar. 

Before your energy dips in mid afternoon, make time to break away for the fourth meal.  Choose from a selection of snacks like chocolate pudding, pretzels, or cheese puffs.  Any of these constitutes a fully fortified meal, complete with the protein and energy that your body needs in order to maintain the fat-burning state.  Pre-packaged meals don't have to be boring or tasteless, and this is definitely true of the Medifast Diet plan. 

The 'Lean and Green' meal is the last of the day, and provides an opportunity for one lean protein plus three servings of approved vegetables from the Medifast Plan list.  Imagine grilled salmon with a teriyaki glaze, fresh green salad with tomatoes, and steamed asparagus spears.  The variety is sufficiently large that you could conceivably be on the Medifast plan for weeks without ever having the same daily menu twice. 

You can find out great information on the best diet plan programs including full reviews and a snapshot of our featured diet. There is a very interesting Medifast Diet Review that includes a program at a glance, the pros and cons of the diet, and feedback. Get current Metafast coupons that will help you save a bunch of money along the way.

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