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Medifast - Variety of Food Options

One of the most popular and effective diet plans today, the Medifast plan is helping dieters everywhere get a fresh start on a new lifestyle.  This plan focuses on boosting metabolism and inducing a state of ketosis for the optimal fat-burning strategy.

Food options are plentiful with the Medifast plan.  Because it works by drastically reducing the volume of carbohydrates consumed during the first phase, those following the Medifast plan will be enjoying a number of bars, shakes, and soups each day, along with the signature "Lean and Green" sixth meal.  Purchasing a meal delivery plan is probably the best option for the other five meals, since applying available coupons will help to keep the cost low. 

Popular breakfast options from the Medifast plan include scrambled eggs, maple and brown sugar oatmeal, and thick, delicious shakes.  Flavors here include banana, strawberry, vanilla, orange, and rich mocha. 

There are also varieties just for a woman's nutritional needs, joint health, or incorporating antioxidants.  A busy lunch is easy with one of the many varieties of soup that the plan includes.  Selections here are stocked with cream of broccoli, tomato, beef vegetable, and even chili.  Enjoy banana, vanilla, or delicious chocolate pudding, pretzel and cheese puff snacks, and one of the many flavors of drinks.  Cappuccinos and chai lattes are not forbidden, and allow you to feel like you're indulging even when you are sticking with your plan. 

The protein options for the "Lean and Green" meal are many: choose from poultry like chicken or turkey, seafood and shellfish, or cuts of the occasional lamb and beef.  Meatless options are also available for those who prefer a vegetarian lifestyle.  Adding three servings from the approved condiments lists opens the door for barbeque, teriyaki, or roasting spices.  Add three servings from the vegetable list, and you've got a complete, healthy, and filling meal.  The vegetables include such favorites as broccoli, tomatoes, and salad greens, as well as more exotic offerings like eggplant, zucchini, and summer squash.  With the amount of variety here you could use the plan for months and never have the exact same meal twice.

There is definitely enough variety here to keep even the fussiest dieter from growing bored with a meal program.  Beyond the first phase of the program, more carbohydrates are incorporated into the diet which creates opportunity for even more variety and diverse choices. 

Learn more about our featured diet this month including top diet plans. We have a full Medifast Diet profile and report that includes a program at a glance, the pluses and minuses, and a complete overview of the diet. Our site is all about mental preparedness, so learn how to prepare mentally for the Medifast diet before you begin your regimen.

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