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Mediterranean Diet Review Summary & Coupons

The Mediterranean Diet has been suggested to Americans since the mid-1990s. The people of these areas have traditionally experienced much lower rates of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels. The key to this plan lies in its reliance on olive oil as the primary source of fat. Additional foods include lots of fruits and vegetables, some dairy and legumes, and fish and poultry as the primary sources of protein. Red meat and eggs are allowed only small quantities.

Additional benefits to this plan include a reduced risk of diabetes and the ability to create very tasty meal options with an abundance of fresh and flavorful foods. Boredom is not a problem with the many choices offered by the Mediterranean Diet. A daily glass of wine can even be enjoyed with one’s dinner, and as with any diet plan, adding consistent and moderate exercise will greatly increase the typical weight loss experienced. The Mediterranean Diet is not about restriction, but rather the types of proteins and the portions consumed of each type of food. eDiets offers additional support and meal options not found elsewhere.

Program At a Glance

This program mirrors the traditional foods of those countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea like Crete, Greece, and Italy. While very low in saturated and trans-fats, the foods available on this plan are packed with the fresh and exciting tastes of the Mediterranean culture. Using fish as the primary source of protein allows for a huge selection of main courses, while occasionally substituting poultry offers some additional variety.

Desserts typically consist of fresh fruits instead of dishes containing refined sugar or corn syrup. Even moderate amounts of carbohydrates such as whole grains and potatoes can be added to the plan for additional choices over the main courses and salads. The key to this plan is to avoid processed foods and to use portion control to the advantage. By preparing main courses with olive oil instead of animal fats and by adding herbs and spices, a smaller portion of the entrée will be just as satisfying.

Pluses & Minuses



  • Great for those who love fish
  • Fresh, unprocessed foods
  • Daily glass of wine is acceptable
  • Lowers heart disease and cancer risks
  • Not a fit for those with seafood allergies
  • Hard to do for those always on the run

Customer Feedback

"I was inspired to use all of the fresh produce that I already enjoyed, but in a simpler and healthier way. I was also able to release any guilt about using whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, just because it was a carb, or just because it was a fat. It really makes sense to me. Keep it simple. Leave out the processing."
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"I love the Mediterranean diet. With my strong like for fish, hummus and don't forget about the wine, this doesn't ever feel like a diet, but more a fabulous lifestyle."
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"I have had great success with my husband on the Mediterranean diet. We enjoy checking out recipes for dinner. The revised pyramid has also been great for our learning, makes more sense to me then the standard pyramid."
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Online Research Suggests

Many studies published online suggest that the people of the Mediterranean enjoy much lower rates of cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes. The Mediterranean Diet supports a system of excellent food choices from all major groups and the use of olive oil as the primary fat. Foods are healthier in that they are freshly prepared without saturated or trans-fats and a large percentage of the total food consumed consists of fruits, vegetables, and whole-grains. The high intake of dietary fiber inherent in this plan also contributes to the reduced instance of health problems.

Special Offers

The Mediterranean Diet is one of about 20 plans that eDiets can tailor to meet your exact needs. You can start with the FREE Diet profile or check out their meal delivery program and receive 1 week of free meals with your first order. Or you can save 25% by clicking here: Use Promo Code SAVE25 at checkout to Save 25% at eDiets!

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It goes without saying that the best diet plans are those that fit in well with your individual lifestyle choices and habits. Granted, some bad habits need to change in order to meet your goals, but overall, there are some plans that just "fit" and are easier to manage than others.

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