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Mediterranean Diet - Preparing Mentally

Getting ready to start a new diet entails a real change in lifestyle for most people, including the typical American.  While the Mediterranean Diet is not nearly as overwhelming as some diet plans, it does involve a commitment to yourself.  

Eating better, taking better care of yourself, and getting regular and consistent exercise are all essential to creating a new 'you.'  The tips below will help you get your head where it needs to be in order to ensure your success with your endeavor.

Think about your reasons for dieting.  The most important reason should always be your health.  Your family wants to have you around for them as long as possible, and you want to be healthy and active enough to enjoy the time you spend with them.  Of course, there may well be other, less important reasons, too. 
For instance, perhaps you have an important event coming up, or you've just let yourself go over the last few years.  This is as good of a time for a change as any.

Design a reward system.  Of course, you don't want your rewards to undo your progress, so make sure that they are not edible!  However, you may invest in a new, smaller wardrobe, or plan a vacation - even a long weekend out of town for two.  Having something to look forward to is always a benefit when you may be having a hard time staying motivated.

Plan your strategy. 
Now that you have chosen a diet plan to follow, do some research on the best foods for this diet.  Plan out your meals for the entire week, and place your meal delivery order well in advance.  Keeping a well stocked pantry with the allowed foods will help to keep you from straying in a moment of weakness.  

Get support.  Whether that means joining a group that meets in person, finding a helpful message board online, or enlisting the support of nurturing friends, co-workers, or family members, having a support system can be the difference between success and failure for many dieters. 

Design a way to track your progress. 
Remember, the number on the scale isn't the only - or even most important - unit of measurement.  Keep a journal of your moods and daily activities, measure yourself around the chest or bust, waist, hips, and thighs, or pull an outfit that's just a bit too tight out of your closet.  These methods may all be better than just weighing yourself.  After all, do you want to say, "I look and feel great!" or "I weigh only X number of pounds"?  Which is really more important to you?

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