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Mediterranean Diet - Sample Menus

Finding something fresh, tasty and healthy has never been easier than it is by following the popular Mediterranean Diet.  The options and varieties are plentiful, and it doesn't take much in creativity to design a weekly meal plan that is flavorful and exciting. 

Your choices for breakfast foods include minimal cereals, cheese, fruits, and yogurt.  Cottage cheese with tomatoes, a little oatmeal, or berries and yogurt make a great, fast breakfast that is filling and full of flavor.  Scrambled eggs, mixed with green peppers, onions, and a little crumbled feta cheese is a fabulous Greek themed breakfast that is sure to satisfy.  Traditional European muesli is another great option if you are used to a bowl of cereal in the mornings.  Try some couscous with nuts and dates instead of oatmeal for a great change of pace. 

Most lunches include salad with lots of raw, leafy green veggies, an olive oil based dressing, and perhaps some tuna or chicken.  Stuff a large tomato with a bit of chicken or tuna mixed with an olive oil based mayo for a real treat.  Marinated and sauteed portobello mushrooms can be served over raw spinach and garnished with artichoke hearts, or even served in pita bread for a sandwich type meal. 

The evening meal is where the Mediterranean Diet plan really shines with its variety of menu choices.  Shrimp scampi with garlic, olive oil, and cracked red pepper goes great with a portion of steamed squash, zucchini, and broccoli.  Fresh fish options like tilapia and flounder are available in most groceries and large markets, either is prepared in a flash with some lemon pepper under your oven's broiler.  Once or twice a week you can prepare a poultry or lean red meat dish like veal marsala, or grilled chicken breast smothered in green peppers, onions, and mushrooms.  Finish your meal with a dessert of fresh fruit in season, berries and little low fat whipped cream.

When you just do not have the time to shop or cook a full meal, supplement your diet with meal replacement bars, shakes, or soups.  Most meal delivery systems offer an array of options that work with any plan, or you could look for a delivery system that was created just for the Mediterranean Diet. While of course fresh food is always preferable, it just isn't always feasible. 

Review the best diets ever and find relevant information on meal delivery options that are healthy and right for you. Find out more about the Mediterranean diet plan that includes a program at a glance, the pros and cons, and user feedback. Not sure what kind of variety of food options you have available under the Mediterranean diet? Look no further.

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