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Mediterranean Diet - Variety of Food Options

The Mediterranean Diet is a popular plan based on the flavors and foods of the Mediterranean regions of Crete, Greece, and Italy.  The plan uses fresh seafood and shellfish as the bulk of the protein providing foods and entrees, and supplements these with plenty of fresh vegetables, salads, poultry. 

By eschewing animal fats and relying instead on olive oil and Omega-3 fatty acids from seafood, the Mediterranean Diet plan is able to provide an abundance of healthy options, each bursting with flavor, without ever growing tiresome or boring. Creating a meal plan for multiple meals each day, and varying these meals throughout the week, will give you access to a huge number of interchangeable options. 

Seafood, great for lunch or dinner, is a staple of the Mediterranean lifestyle.  For this reason, it also figures largely into the Mediterranean Diet plan.  Fresh water types of fish popular with this plan include bluegill or catfish, tilapia, and also trout.  For those who prefer ocean fish, the choices are even more varied.  Tuna, cod, and flounder are all great choices, and salmon or Mahi-Mahi are both great with a light olive oil and fresh herb seasoning.  Exotic shellfish like lobster, clams, and crab make excellent options when dining out with family and friends, especially when paired with a big tossed green salad and fresh fruit for dessert.  Add whole grains in smaller quantities to supplement the natural vegetable fiber, and you have a complete array of options to satisfy even the pickiest palate. 

One of the biggest draws to the Mediterranean Diet is that a daily glass of red wine is even allowed with the evening meal.  This is another reason why the Mediterranean Diet does not feel restricting at all.  The heart healthy benefits of red wine, olive oil, and other Omega-3 fatty acids are well documented and proven in the scientific world.  Natural vegetable oils replace the animal fats that are the mainstream source of fat in the western world and help to contribute to the slimming effects of this plan.  That isn't to imply that no red meat or poultry is allowed, but they are kept in limited quantities and served only one or twice per week instead of daily. This truly is more of a permanent lifestyle than just a diet, and providing weight loss is only one of the benefits.  You can also look forward to much improved general health.  

Learn more about the best diet plans ever. We have a full Mediterranean diet profile and report that includes a program at a glance, the pluses and minuses, and a complete overview of the diet. Our site is all about mental preparedness, so learn how to prepare mentally for the Mediterranean diet before you begin your regimen and be sure to look into the Mediterranean diet meal plan options that are right for you.

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