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Weight Watchers Review & Weight Watchers Coupons

          The Weight Watchers program has been part of our national diet mindset for decades, and with good reason. People trust Weight Watchers not only to help them shed the excess weight, but also to teach them how to eat healthy for life. With customized plans for men and women, along with Weight Watchers coupons, there is no need to pay full price on your weight loss journey.

Weight Watchers is all about guiding you into making smart choices second nature. It's one thing to take pounds off, but it's entirely a different story to keep them off. That's where the right mindset comes in. Weight Watchers understands that what you consume is crucial, and they are dedicated to helping you have delicious, simple, and smart choices available to you that will satisfy your hunger and help you achieve your goals.


Weight Watchers offers a holistic approach to weight loss. Weight Watchers will help you learn to eat smarter, move more, develop the healthy habits necessary to achieve your goals, and get the support you need to succeed. While on the Weight Watchers 360° program You’ll learn to make smart, healthy choices, while adapting the program to your needs. They have devised effective strategies for countering temptation when it strikes. They also recognize that one-size does not fit all in a weight loss program. They have proven plans for men and women, and they offer both online programs as well as Meetings for those who do best with the camaraderie of a support system.

Program At a Glance

Weight Watchers provides two ways to approach your specific needs. You can join  Meetings and pay a low weekly membership fee, where you will find out all the latest information on eating right and living healthy, plus get the guidance you need to succeed and stay on track. Or you can opt to take advantage of Weight Watchers Online, which is a customized online weight loss plan that you follow step-by-step completely online, managing your resuls at your own pace on your own time. Choose the option that's right for you and start today!. Included in this plan are lists of over 40,000 food choices, access to over 3,000 healthy and delicious recipes, and a restaurant guide to ensure good choices when you're out and about. Weigt Watchers Online will help you personalize your weight loss goals based upon your needs, track your progress through various online applications, and suggestions for workouts tailored to your personal fitness level.

Pluses & Minuses



  • Personalized meal plans, newsletters, and special offers
  • Access to online tools to help track your progress
  • Workout plans tailored to your fitness level are available for Weight Watchers Online and eTools members
  • Flexible food plans, recipes, and restaurant guides
  • Need to utilize mobile tracking for those always on the run
  • Weight Watchers 360° program - Always counting

Customer Feedback

"It is the one and only system I have seen that really, truly works and that is why it is the only one I have bothered to do."
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"I can't imagine an easier program. I really happy with being an on-line member now. I can't seem to fit the meeting into my schedule."
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"I lost 60 pounds using Weight Watchers online tools. It took a year - but that's the way it should be. It takes that long to start internalizing the changes to your eating habits."
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Online Research Suggests

Rather than setting an unrealistic goal, striving to lose 10% of your body weight can yield significant health benefits, according to Karen-Miller Kovach, MS, RD and chief scientist at Weight Watchers. This achievable weight loss can lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, lower your risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes, and lower your risk for stroke, cancer, and osteoarthritis. You can also expect increased energy and vitality, self confidence and motivation to stay on track.

Special Offers

If you want personal comaraderie while on your weight loss journey,
click here to find a meeting

One of Weight Watchers best offers is the Monthly Pass which includes free registration, unlimited meetings every month, great recipes and helpful tips to improve your results, plus eTools to help you stay on track. 
Find out if Weight Watchers monthly pass is available in your area.

Weight Watchers Online is a customized online weight loss plan that you follow step-by step completely online – manage your results at your own pace, on your own time. Weight Watchers Online -Follow the Plan Entirely Online. Start Today!

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